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Instructions (Diagrams)

Finding a specific model

Origami Database
At this point in time, this is the most comprehensive list of origami models available anywhere.

Published in Books
To search for a specific model in the OriIndex (an incomplete index of models published in origami books and magazines), please go to OrigamiUSA's Model Search Page.

Help with Folding

Origami Symbols
Maintained by Peter Budai.

Basic Folds
Maintained by Peter Budai.

Origami Basics
Maintained by Dr. Stephen O'Hanlon.

Origami Book Errata and Hints
Maintained by Namir Gharaibeh.


Joseph Wu's Origami Diagrams
Models from my own collection. Contains my original models and models by others.

"Phone Folding"
Text only folding instructions courtesy of the British Origami Society.

Origami Interest Group Archive Site
The best resource for origami diagrams on the Internet.

Origami Diagrams in Adobe's PDF format
Approximately the same diagrams as above (converted by Alex Barber).

Finnish FTP Site
Includes a few text files, and a mirror of the origami archives (see above).

Specific items

Aidan Dysart's How to make an Origami Crane
Easy-to-follow instructions presented beautifully using photographs.

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