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Origami teachers and speakers for hire. A listing here does not imply an endorsement on my part.

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1 . Art'Origami

Maintainer: Vincent Machetel
Diagrams: PDF
Featuring the work of Eric Joisel.
Date added: April, 24, 2003
Last Access: November, 20, 2018 01:25:26 AM
Hit(s): 6,751
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2 . Origami Seconds Game !

Maintainer: Rick Nordal
Diagrams: Game
Seconds is a game of strategy and fast paper folding ! The player that folds a 32 triangle paper into 20 geometric snowflake shapes in the fastest time wins the game ! On your mark, get set.. fold ! Origami Seconds game created in 2002 by Rick Nordal.
Date added: January, 6, 2011
Last Access: November, 19, 2018 08:05:08 PM
Hit(s): 2,540
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3 . Math in Motion: Origami in the Classroom

Maintainer: Barbara Pearl
Using origami in education.
Date added: April, 16, 1997
Last Access: November, 20, 2018 01:17:29 AM
Hit(s): 5,629
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4 . Paperplay Origami

Maintainer: MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson
Contains information on N.O.W. (Nassau Origami West, Long Island, NY) and on teaching programs available in the Metro NY area.
Date added: January, 7, 2002
Last Access: November, 19, 2018 06:01:32 PM
Hit(s): 6,302
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