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1 . Origami Workshop

Maintainer: Kwan Chak Lau
In Chinese. This site contains many impressive photos, origami ref. book information. One nice area is the gallery of origami pandas which shows the many approaches to this animal. On the downside, the site uses some annoying HTML tricks, and many parts appear to be unfinished.
Date added: April, 6, 2002
Last Access: June, 21, 2019 02:18:13 PM
Hit(s): 9,979
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2 . Chinese (Hong Kong) Origami Society

Maintainer: Wilson Chan
Diagrams: GIF,JPG
Entirely in Chinese (BIG5 encoding), but there are some wonderful diagrams.
Date added: April, 27, 1999
Last Access: June, 24, 2019 04:43:35 PM
Hit(s): 9,490
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